Thursday, 25 August 2011

YEH DOORIYAN - says some thing!

Language : Hindi,   Release Date : 26 August 2011
Music   :           Raju Singh, Meet Bros Anjjan, Amjad Nadeem.
Lirycs   :           Kumaar, Shabir Ahmed, Kunwar Juneja, Priya Panchal.
Singers :           Mikka, Shaan, Krishna,Omer Nadeem, Kavita Seth, Akruti Kakar, Shweta Pandit, Gunjan
Producers :  Deepshikha Nagpal & Kaishav Arora
Story, Screenplay, Dilouges &Direction: Deepshikha Nagpal
Staring: Introducing Kaishav Arora, Deepshikha Nagpal, Inder Kumar, Kunicka Lal, Ayub Khan, Chitrashi Rawat, DelnazPaul, AchintKaur, RajeshKhera, ShishirSharma , Anita Wahi, Vipra Rawal, Manini Dey, Vishal Gandhi. And baby Vidhika & master Vivaan

This is the story of a 35 years old woman Simmi ( Deepshikha Nagpal),  she is strong, beautiful and a famous choreographer divorced with two kids Baby Vidhika And master Vivaan,. Living alone. Her friends bobby (DelnazPaul),Nikki (Chitrashi Rawat), who are working with her in the dance academy. After few years of divorce, all her friend and her mom & dad force her to remarry not only she but even kids need a father in their life. Simmi is very clear that she will only marry if the guy loves her as well as her children, Otherwise she is happy alone and then she meets a handsome good looking model Raj (Kaishav Arora ), who likes her and joins Simmi's dance academy .Raj loves kids also and kids are too very found of him. Seeing all this things and various situation the way Raj handles like a man in Simmi's life. 

They both fall in love. One day comes Raj”s mother (Kunicka 

Lal ) in their love life and tells to Raj, “ reality of life as our 

society does not accept younger guy getting married to a 

divorcee with children's” Simmi and Raj decides to forget their 

love but they are unable to forget, in mean time Simmi's Ex 

husband Aditya ( Inder Kumar) wants her back in her life.

But Simmi accept her kids, neither Raj nor  her husband 

Aditya, who doesn’t  fulfill her dream due to society. The 

movie leaves a question ;”after divorce Love, is it a Crime?
The movie looks very near to Deepshikha’s personal life. Picturisation is good. Actress Deepshikha has well done all work as a producer, writer and director in this her debut movie. There is two songs are directed by well known album maker Naveen Batra. 

Performance of Introducing Kaishav Arora, Deepshikha Nagpal and baby Vidhika is very good. For Ayub Khan has nothing to do. Inder Kumar, Kunicka Lal, Chitrashi Rawat, DelnazPaul, AchintKaur, RajeshKhera, ShishirSharma , Anita Wahi, Vipra Rawal, Manini Dey, Vishal Gandhi. And  master Vivaan are just okay.

On the box office it should  be do good business.

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