Sunday, 31 July 2011

Kalpana embroiled in PROBLEM for MAA-E-RI

     Bhojpuri singer Kalpana is embroiled in a brand new PROBLEM. The video of her latest upcoming Hindi music album Maa-e-Ri - a lyrical conversation with Mother Nature, about to be released this October 27th 2011 have encountered both animal rights and censor issues in Mumbai, because of the presence of “Peacock” the national bird of India. The censor board and the animal rights board has objected to the use of the national bird in the video. The singer has been ordered to remove the footages.Being the producer of the music video, Kalpana, said, “Yes, they have asked to remove it. The shoot of the video is already complete and we have no option but seek fresh permission to use some other bird for the video which involves a huge cost.” Peacock agar hamari rashtria pakshi hai, why can’t we proudly show it to the world. Censor board ko mai respect karti hu. Welog aisa team rakkhe jaha animals per shooting ke dauraan atyachar nahi ho raha - iska khayal rakkha jay. Why can’t I shoot with my national bird being an Indian, when the theme of my songs is HARMONY WITH NATURE? Censor board, animal rights aur is album ki intention ek hi hai…….jantuwoko bhi pyar kia jay (to love animals). Love is the birth right of every living beings. Sirf pictorial view ke liye mor ko mai use nahi karna chahti thi…Is project me kalpana agar human race ko represent kar rahi hain, to mor(Peacock)pakshiyo ki representative hai – ye soch tha.Lekin aaj hamari soch itna zyada nakaratmak ho gaya hai ki positive abnormal lagta hai aur negative normal. When asked about the extra expenditure due to this last-minute change, she shrugged, “That's not important at all. The censor has raised something and there is an issue. I have no other choice other than to remove it.”Maa-e-ri is all about celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature shot in the North-Eastern region, yet an unexplored area of India, exotic and richly diverse. Dawki is an oft visited place in Meghalaya, more so for tourists who regale at the sight of the plains of Bangladesh as they stand at a vantage point amongst the green rolling hills at the Indo-Bangladesh border. Another exotic retreat point where the videos have been shot is Mawlynong, which BBC has flashed in its chronicles as the Cleanest Village in Asia. The Living Root Bridge, a phenomenon to be seen to be believed has been rightly brought up to world’s notice through this audio-visual. This video has brought up some of the hidden treasures of the North East India in particular.  A part of the video has also been shot in Cherrapunjee, once the wettest place on earth. 
       Mae-e-Ri, apart from portraying the rich tapestry of some of the places of the Northeast India has also laid ample emphasis on the attires, which is an array of attractive colors from the looms of the place. The first attire is an ensemble inspired from one of the tribes of Nagaland, a state known for its mesmerizing topography, its unique ethnic culture, language, food and of course its courteous and humble people. The video also captures traditionally garbed Naga tribesmen performing to the beat of Kalpana’s song. Second attire is unique to the Darrang district of Assam. This is mostly worn by the women during the performance of the Deodhani Nritya on the auspicious day of Maa Manasha Puja. The motifs woven into this attire are usually inspired by objects from nature, like birds, flowers, trees, etc.
        Kalpana has already sung in around more than 6000 songs for 22 languages. She had many opportunities to sing for Hindi films also. A  few  of  them  are  Anil  Kapoor’s -  NO  PROBLEM,  Ajay Devgan’s - AAKROSH, Akshay Kumar’s - KHATTA MEETHA, WELCOME, DE DANA DAN, Shah Rukh Khan’s - BILLU BARBER, ANTARDWAND &  Monty Sharma’s - CHAMKU &  MIRCHH. Her  passion for traditional music, the burning sense of rhythm and grooves made her work in an album together with world class India’s virtuoso percussionist and bandleader Trilok Gurtu, one of the most dynamic and prolific musicians on a new project MASSICAL released from BIRD JAM label GermanyAt present she is busy with her world music project THE LEGACY OF BHIKHARI THAKUR to be released from Times Music, trying to relive the country’s long-forgotten treasure of Bhojpuri folk music.

Friday, 29 July 2011



Elder brother DEEPAK BALRAJ VIJ sounded the clapper- board while Urvashi Bali (Producer) switched on the camera, auspicious coconut broken by Seema Pimpley (editor of Global Movie) for the first shot of D. Bali movies presentation of Producers Deepak Bali and Urvashi Bali and Aab Films “ DAAL MEIN KUCH KAALA HAI” on 27th July at a private flat in Lokhandwala, Andheri.

The Film is directed by actor Aanandbalraj (younger brother of Deepak Balraj). Veena Malik and Aanand Balraj faced the first shot the film also starts Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Vijay Raaz,  Raja Chaudhary, Lilliput, Anil Naagrath, Kishore Bhanushali, Laughter Challenge Champions Irfan Malik & Ali Hassan & Priyanka Shah (Miss World Tourism).
All songs of the film have been recorded in the voices of Amit Kumar,Vinod Rathod, Mamta Sharma (Munni Badnam Huyee darling tere liye fame), Bali Brahmbhatt, Ritu Pathak and Arun Daga. Music : Young Talent Group. Lyrics Vijay Akela. Dances: Lollypop. DoP: Harish Joshi (Rajshri’s Vivaah fame). Sound: Aroon Misra. Production executive : Mehar Sethi. A further 35 days shooting stint of the film begins shortly in a palatial bungalow in Pune.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Rekha Bharadwaj unveils the music of ‘BUBBLE GUM’

Music of film ‘Bubble Gum’ was released by Rekha Bharadwaj while the star cast Sachin Kheddekar, Tanvi Azmi, Sohail Lakhani, Dilzad Hiwale & Apoorva Arora joined hands along with producer Sushma Kaul Ravi, director Sanjivan Lal and music director Hanif Shaikh. Other celebs present on stage were singer composer Salim Merchant and Javed Ali, actor Aslam Khan, Television stars like Muskan, Arjun Bijlani, Rajesh Thakkar etc.
With teenagers around it is bound to be a lot of hungama and fun. And this is what exactly happened at the music launch of Sushma Kaul Ravi produced film Bubble Gum. All the three teenagers Sohail Lakhani, Delzad Hirale & Apoorva Arora started bonding and cracking jokes as soon as they met at the party after a substantial break post their shoot. In fact during the album release all three got very excited and did an impromptu jig on stage when title track was played. There was so much energy in their dance that even the stage broke.
Produced under the banner of Koncept Infotenment Pvt Ltd BUBBLE GUM is a fun, frothy and warm coming of an age story of a fourteen year old Vedant. He has just stepped out of childhood and is not yet into adulthood. It is while going through turbulent phase of
life in his academically critical year – first love or rather infatuation happens to him and sends his world upside down finally leading him to discover the meaning of love, life and relationship in a positive way!
Bubble Gum is releasing all over India on 29th July 2011.
Its cinematography is by Anshul Chaubey, editor is Suresh Pai, Executive producer is Sumit Pai, Music is by Hanif Shaikh & Bapi Tutul, lyrics by Prashant Pandey and choreograpgy is by Longinus, Aadil Shaikh & Anthony.



SINGHA CHI GARJANA ” at Ziptrack Recording Studio, Andheri on 22nd July 2011 All seven songs recorded for MANSE’s Marathi Album “BAGHA CHI CHAL. Music director Prashant Hedaoo, himself rendered with Kavita Nikam and all seven songs are also written by himself Prashant Hedaoo. At this occasion Mr. Jeetu Ji Thakre, elder brother of Maharashtra Navnirman sena chief Mr. Raj Saheb Thakre and Mrs. Shalini Thakre were chief guest. This album is being produced by Mr. Kishore Mayekar, Vibhag Adhyaksh of Andheri (W), Chitnees MANSE Sena & Upadhyaksh of MANSE Suraksha Raksha Sena.

Album “BAGHA CHI CHAL SINGHA CHI GARJANA ” to be released on 7th Aug.2011 for MANSE members and others during a mega function in the presence of Maharashtra Navnirman sena chief Mr. Raj Saheb Thakre and other MANSE leaders.

"Mumbai Chi Porgi Mona" Hindi Album

Director Navin Batra and choreographer Sumit Sahil picturised two songs of their new music album "Mumbai Chi Porgi Mona" at Bhullar Garden, Mudh on 15th July 2011. Being produced by Krishshail Music Entertainment & Mona Roy who after the success of their debut album "Just U & Me" is on verge to rock the music lovers with this album "Mumbai Chi Porgi Mona" which is having 7 different songs all in romantic genre with various moods. As the title "Mumbai Chi Porgi Mona" indicates itself the songs are based on girl from Mumbai means Mumbai chi porgi Mona, having different ingredients with mixed masala.

Mona roy

Shailendra, Mona & Navin Batra

 Director Naveen say’s “this album has a love story of a girl Mona who is a Mumbai girl, also it has flavor of rainy season, and festivals like Ganpati utsav & others”.

Songs have been rendered by Mona Roy & 1 duet with Javed Ali, all 7 songs have been composed Mumbai Chi Porgi Mona & I am in Love Baby by Kumar, Ishqa Ishqa & Aadha Aadha by Vikram Nagi of (Rakht Charita & Run fame), Tere Mere Pyar Ka by Ahsan Ahmed of My Friend Ganesha Fame Lyrics have been penned down by Anjan Sagri, Sani Aslam & Rupesh. Video is being shot on Mona Roy herself and Shailendra.
Mona with dancers in tittle song

KRANTI- Fight Against Corruption

Directoer Sanjiv Amarnath producer Sunder yadav & Sunder yadav
 KRANTI- Fight Against Corruption
 Producer Arun Srivastava, Sunder yadav and director Sanjiv Amarnath ( former assistant to  Satish Kaushik and Joy Augustine) have launched Kranti- Fight Against Corruption on July 20th at Hotel Juhu Plaza with a  media interaction. The shooting of the film will begin shortly.The cast and other credits of the film are being finalised.The film is being inspired from the recent developments of Yoga and spiritual Guru  Baba Ramdev's fight against corruption.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Album “Tera Deewana” Released

.Album “Tera Deewana” Released
Rahul Khan who is from Ranchi and who keeps his hair like Mahendra Singh Dhoni was on cloud nine as his debut album Tera Deewana was launched at Classic Club in Andheri. Shahab Allahbadi of Yellow and Red music released the  audio of the album.

Bali Brahmbhatt and Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor released the audio. Swarup Khan came in Rajasthani attire whereas Khayali and Sunil Pal came in casuals. Poonam Pandey came in black dress and after going on stage she removed her jacket again for media. Chandi Perera from Srilanka also came to attend the event

“ANJUNAA BEACH” based on mysterious death of Scarlett Keeling

Producer Sikander A Khan & Writer Director Shakeel S Saifee feels threat

Coming soon movie ANJUNAABEACH” which is based on mysterious death of Scarlett Keeling on a Goa beach, the body of the British teenager which is still lying in a mortuary in theUK. The family is awaiting a nod from the CBI to carry out the last rites. Scarlett Keeling, 15, was sexually assaulted and left to die at Anjuna beach on February 18, 2008.">“
Producer Sikander A Khan and Writer Director Shakeel S Saifee were having proper permission to shot this film in original location of Goa but in last moment Govt of Goa refused to allow them to shoot in Goa as with this film there weak points will come in public, however both Producer and Director somehow managed to complete their film on original location.

Now Producer and Director have strong feedback thatGoa’ Govt with help of Scarlett’s family and legal counsel are trying to stop this film. The movie, which is already complete has being made in English, Hindi and dubbed in Telugu and Tamil languages.
A press conference was held on 9th July 2011 atHotelJuhuPlaza to clear the differences between the filmmakers andGoa govt, regarding film. Producer Sikander and writer director Shakeel expressed about the un cooperation of Goa Govt, in spite of giving permission for shooting they backed out because one of their official was going to be shown in negative way, in spite of that when they were shooting Goa Police tried to stop it but after taking bribe they allowed them to shoot on original location, and the makers have the proof in form of video clipping. All actors present expressed that Scarlett should get justice. Scarlett’s mother Fiona and legal advisor Vikram Verma have asked to watch this film before release and makers have agreed on this point, but if still Goa Govt tries to stop it they are ready to go to door to door to show this film, because this film is going to expose the corruption in the most popular and publicized tourist place Goa, plus in India guests are like god and they should be well treated.
Based on this incident, mysterious death of Scarlett Keeling on a Goa beach,

Producer Sikander A Khan, and writer director Shakeel S Saifee have completed a feature film”ANJUNAA BEACH:” its first copy is out. Made under the banner of M.A.S.K Arts, Film is based on a true incident which took place inGoaon 18th Feb 2008(Scarlet Murder Case). Film has Music: Sunil Patni, Lyrics: Hari Om Verma, Cameraman: Noor Mohemmad & Manish Vyas, Chreographer: Firoz Khan. Starring Nataliya Kozhenova{as Scarlett}, Farahnaz Khan{as Fiona mother of Scarlett}, Syed Faiz Ali, Ansh Rajput, Afsar Khan, Sareen Khan, Ramesh Goel, Anjum Raj, Deepak Bhatia, Prince Deepak, O.P.Sharma, Sameer Circuit, Amita Nangia{as Ambika Soni} with Kiran Kumar{ as Vikram Varma}.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

First BNC Staffer Becomes Youngest Writer & Actor

First Mumbai Municipal Staffer Becomes Youngest Writer & Actor
Bollywood has a lot of surprises in store. Meet Gautam Jadhav, the first Municipal (BMC) staffer who works in BMC, Mumbai branch and has also completed his first Bollywood film SHOOT AT SIGHT- A CRIMINAL ORDER.
The film is based on a story of a man who is on the run as the encounter specialist have got the orders to kill him. Does he get killed ? Gautam Jadhav plays the man who the encounter specialist is hunting for !
Why does a Municipal Staffer enter Bollywood ? Gautam Jadhav says:" I was influenced heavily with the cinema hwhich Guru Dutt and Manoj Kumar made. Both were genius story tellers too. I too jumped into the fray of acting in a film and now it will be censored shortly."
Gautam Jadhav elaborates more and says :” I know I will become too famous aur log mujhe zaroor tang karenge, he says happily. I have a following of all 1.27 lakhs staffers of the BMC alone. They will surely watch my film and I know in today’s times it is a big challenge to a newcomer to act and even release his own film all by himself which I am ready. I got the support from a farmer in Mahabaleshwar and he was the first to provide the money. I will be always indebted to him. His name is K. Ganpat. Then Ajay Mohite, an electronics engineer poured in some finance. The third to help me was a famous caterer from Mumbai ----Vinodbhai Sangohee. Lastly, even a Professor from Siddharth college who is now the Principal in Mata Ramabai Ambedkar College,Chiplun helped me and even played the role of my father in this film. Santosh Khare and Lancy Lord Queeny also helped me and without the help of these six people, I would not have been able to complete the film. The best part was that Mahesh Bhatt’s erstwhile assistant Harish Bhonsle did two days work and became busy elsewhere. Then cinematographer and editor Harender Sachdev who is also an electronics engineer helped to complete the entire film. I have also introduced a new actress Vaishnavi Deshmukh , a stage actress.” Gautam Jadhav is now busy going to censor office to show his film and it is foregone conclusion that he is an influential person who will get things done very easily ! What makes him so sweet a person in real life. “ He says:” I would have been a lecturer in a college as people like my oratory powers and I can speak on any topic in this world fluently and can impress people very easily.”

Press releases from Mohan Ayyer

Shakti Kapoor and Lilliput Added In
Actor Aanand Balraj who turns director with D.Bali Movies presentation of producers Deepak Bali and Urvashi Bali and Aab Films' Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai has now signed Shakti Kapoor and Lilliput in major roles of the film. Veena Malik and Raja Chaudhary were signed earlier for the film to act in the main roles and both make their debut in a Bollywood film. The film will go on the floors shortly in a in Mumbai ---Pune Road for a non-stop 12 days shooting stint from 20th July onwards. All songs of the film have been recorded in the voices of Amit Kumar, Vinod Rathod, Mamta Sharma ( Munni badnaam huyee darling tere liye fame),Bali Brahmabhatt,Ritu Pathak and Arun Daga. Music: Young Talent Group. Lyrics: Vijay Akela. Dances: Lollypop.
Parthiweshwar Ki Mahima
( Due on 12th August)
The first copy of the Vyom Productions' Parthiweshwar Ki Mahima is expected to be out shortly. T. Series will release the audio CDs of the film next week. The film will be shown to censors and will be released on 12th August. .Producer: Anubhav Tripathi Director: K. Shivraj Paatil . Cast: Introducing Khushi Shah,Sunil Dube,Shishir Haridarshan, Sonali Saigal, Ravi Yadav, Ghanshyam Nayak , Jai Prakash Singh,Ashutosh Tripathi,Mahendra Tripathi and others. Story: Kunjlata Tripathi. Screenplay: Keshav Rathod. Dialogue-lyrics: Shashikant Chauhan.DOP: Manoj Kumar Jhala. Music: Kalyan Sen and Shashikant Chauhan. Dances: Mahesh Balraj, Ashwin and Santosh Palwankar. Sound designer: Champa Tiwari. Editor: D.K. Sharma.Technical Director : Vinod Tewary. Creative director: Shashikant Mena.
C. L. John Records With Asha Bhosle
Asha Bhosle has rendered her voice for one song number for Alex Sunder Biscope's Paane Re Paani at Yashraj recording Studio recently. Penned by Alex Sunder, the film starsJackie Shroff, Om Puri and a new leading pair which is yet to be finalised.Mamta Sharma( of Munni Badnaam Huyee fame), Shreya Ghosal and Shaan have also rendered the balance songs which have been recorded at Empire and Krishna Recording Studio.
Six songs for Ek Modh
Music director C.L. John has recorded six songs for Jay Agarwal Productions Ek Modh recently at Krishna Recording Studio. Penned by Anup Singh they were rendered by Sapna Awasthi,Khushboo Jain and chorus.The cast and other credits of the film are being finalised.
Babu Bhatt's Mumbai Shooters--- Dangerous Gang
Writer-producer-director Babu Bhatt began the dubbing of Saptsrungi Films' Mumbai Shooters - Dangerous Gang on 5th July at Sneha Dubbing Studios, Oshiwara. Cast: Prince Sondhi, Kush Khurana, Naafe Khan,Mukesh Bhatt( son of Babu Bhatt), Naafe Khan,Navneet Jaiswal,Raj Premi,Ehsaan Khan,Mushtaq Khan,Ravi Patwardhan,Shailesh Pitambare,Deepak Chaddha,Klush Chopra, Alisha,Charulata,Bipin Singh alongwith Abhay Bhaargav,Deep Dhillon and Aroon Bakshi. The film's 35 days shooting stint has been completed earlier in Aurangabad locales.Screenplay-dialogue: Madan Mindrot and Babu Bhatt.DOP: Triloki Chaudhary.Music: Dheeraj Sen. Lyrics: Javed Ahmed, Maahee Khan and Pramilaal.Dances: K.K. Sanjay. Action: Hiralal Yadav. Editor: Deepak Jaaool.

Music Saurabh Bharadwaj has recorded the third song on July 5th for Sultan Films Enterprises' O Mere Dil Jaaniya at Krishna Recording Studios, next to Sahara, Goregaon, West, Mumbai. It was rendered by Yusuf Khan. Two songs have been recorded earlier in the voices of Tarannum and Noopur. Directors : Yusuf Khan and Kukku Batra. Singers Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Vinod Rathod will also lend their voices for the remaining songs shortly. .Lyrics : Shashi Bhushan Pandey, Sahil Jaunpuri and Arunoday Sagar.



BLACKK STONE ENTERTAINMENT’S Feature film Production No.1 yet untitled was launched on July 7, 2011 at Filmsithan Studio with 35 days marathon start to finish shooting schedule in and around Mumbai. Rajpal Yadav and Subrata Dutta face the camera for Muhrat Shot, Director Tigmanshu Dhulia gave the clap for Muhrat shot.
It has Music by JATINDER SHAH, Lyrics by JALEES SHERWANI & KUMAR, D.O.P by KANNAN SAMAYAN, Sound by GUFRAAN KHAN, Art Dir. by NITESH KUMAR, Action by PARVEZ FAZAL KHAN & Publicity and Promotion By Puneet Khare

Koi Hai Apna- A movie made on latest technique

Koi Hai Apna- A movie made on latest technique
Young director Ram Gopal Mali, who has already made six hundred Albums now came with his new venture Koi Hai Apna. This is a movie, which is made thru Red One with latest technique. Dharam Giri, Mahesh Giri, Paresh Bhatt, Naina, Versha Chandra and Altaf are main stars in this movie. Producer Bharat Giri has also written story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie.It’s Music by  Satish Dehra,  Lyrics by Harsukh Ghayal And Mahesh Giri, Edited by K.D. Dileep, Choreography by Mahesh Balraj and Action by Haneef Sheakh. The movie is made under the banner of Shree Kunjika Films.